What is FlutterBlade?

Take a nostalgia trip back to your childhood. Remember how a baseball card made your bike sound like a chopper with straight pipes—at least for a few fun minutes until the card shredded? Now step forward into the FlutterBlade™ era. Thanks to our ultra-durable material and patented design, kids' bikes can rev and roar, hour after hour, mile after mile.

Click to watch installation video
Here's how to get the fun times rolling:
  1. Watch the installation video to see exactly how it's done.
  2. Fold the FlutterBlade™ along the pre-scored crease.
  3. Wrap it around the bike's fork.
  4. Secure it with the enclosed cable tie.
  5. Peel out with the powerful growl of a revving engine!
Built real-world tough! After all, this isn't kid stuff.
  • Made from high-quality, ultra-durable material for long life.
  • Tested under extreme conditions.
  • High-resolution graphics heighten the coolness factor of any bike.
  • Developed to provide maximum roar with minimum spoke drag.
  • Easy to install and fits most bikes.*
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
Meet the inventor
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Meet the inventor

See that kid proudly holding his dream bike? That's me, back in 1966. Even then I loved everything associated with bikes, from their banana seats and monkey handlebars to the sense of independence and accomplishment I got from riding my cherished two-wheeler.

My love of biking grew with me. In the '70s, I was a bicycle messenger in New York City. In the '80s, I became a USCF road racer. And the '90s saw me mountain biking whenever and wherever I could. Oh yeah, I also became a TV commercial producer, an entrepreneur, a product designer, a husband, and a dad along the way.

With FlutterBlade™, I've been able to combine my love of bikes with my passion for inventing fun things for kids.

Happy riding!
Tim Sturtevant
Tim Sturtevant